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Updating Office 365 Group Calendars with Flow

Two requests ...

I found the Office 365 Group triggers, however they are very limited (only 2).  I would like to have an Offfice 365 Group trigger created that will start a flow when a new event is added or updated on an Office 365 Group Calendar. 


Secondly, the number of actions for Office 365 Groups is also limited (only 5).  I would like to use an Update Event on a Office 365 Group Calendar (similar to the Update Event for Office 365 Outlook Update Event (v2)).  The Office 365 Outlook Update Event action requires a Calendar ID which is not readily available to the end user.


Question:  Why is there a difference between Office 365 Calendars and Office Group Calendars?  It seems redudant to have to create the same triggers and actions for Group Calendars that already exist for Office 365 Calendars.

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Hello same here, I am also looking for some options to control Office 365 Group calendars. Like for example to define category. Also similar possibilities like for personal calendar will be nice.


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Being able to update and delete Office 365 Group calendar events would be extremely helpful.

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Without an Update or Delete trigger this is essentially useless trying to Flow events into another Calendar.

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There are several requirments in this post. It would be better if they were split out. 


Having said that I am looking to be able to add, update and delete entires in group calendars just as for personal ones. 

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I agree its useless if we cant update events.

you can use that option for outlook365 calendars but not group calendars.

hopefully the flow gods will help

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also using groups cant copy the body of a message only text type?

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I'm using a group calendar for events, but also find it annoying that there is 1) no trigger for updates to the events and 2) no connector for updates to events from another calendar.


There needs to be a way to share updates to events/appointments between a personal calendar and a group calendar. Currently, there is neither a trigger for a group calendar update, nor is there a connector for allowing updates to a group calender event when a personal calendar event is updated.


Two-way sync between calendars is necessary to make sharing the group calendars really work.

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Graph's API is there.


PATCH /groups/{id}/events/{id}

PATCH /groups/{id}/calendar/events/{id}


Unfortunately I do not know how to use it in flow :<

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Group calendars are used more and more often these days to share events among members. Complete the rest of the actions for the Office 365 Group Connector is very important! Please consider to implement Get/Update/Delete Groups Events!!!

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I'm trying to sync events that get generated in our HR system with a group calendar.  It's great that I can create new events (using the "Create a group event (V2)" action), but I need to be able to find and delete or edit existing events as well.