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Upload attachment to SalesForce along with record creation



Could you please create a new option in salesforce to upload attachment !


It could be really usefull.



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Yes, This would be really helpful. 

Advocate I

Consider this please. It would nice to have this as some other flow kind of service implements the upload attachment feature.

Resolver I

Voted! Please let's see this get implemented very very soon!

Regular Visitor

It's now available, you can't directly during the creation.


But you need to update base on the creation (salesforce object type is : Attachment)

Put in Parent ID the record ID from the SalesForce Create Record

Resolver I

That's great news! Thanks for the note!

Advocate I

This is awesome, updated my production flows too and its working perfect. Thanks for the update @Admin9  and bringing the topic back to life @ryan2k 

New Member

@Admin9 @dnndev Would you have an example of how this is accomplished?

New Member

@ryan2k Where you able to get this to work with your flows?  If so, would you have an example of how this is accomplished?

Resolver I

Sorry @theod I haven't implemented attachment upload to SF yet.

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Hi Guys,


Do you have an example due I am not able to get the record ID from the creation (Salesforce Create Record) , also in the Salesforce object type : Attachment, I don't see Parent ID field, It is not there. @Admin9 @dnndev, @ryan2k 






Thanks 😁