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Upsert records with Dynamics 365 connector

  Updating a record

The sample to update the record:

url: /api/data/v8.2/accounts(blg_alternatekey='blg12345')
method: PATCH
body: {
	"name": "Alternate key account updated"


The nice thing with the PATCH request like this is, that by default it will update the account if it exists, or it will create the account if it doesn’t exist. This is a great feature for integration scenario’s with other systems.

Status: New

One Suggestion: This should be in the CDS Connector not in Dynamics 365 Connector


This would be an incredible addition to our Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector

New Member

I concur--this would be an incredible feature to have. 


This would be helpful in many scenarios and would help reduce traffic to the API. Would like to see it added.