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Use For a selected Sharepoint item also in non-default environment

I suggest to extend the For a selected item of the Sharepoint connector to be usable also in non-default environments (


Nowaday I can create this kind of flows in a sandbox environment but I can't test it if it's not in the default environment, and I think this is a very huge limitation.

Also, importing my flow in a Production environment that is not the default one, the flow doesen't work

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For me it's also a very important requirement. Without this it is not possible to do ALM in a correct way. It becomes very confusing with flows everywhere. We need to be able to have all flows in the same environment and it would be even better if we can put all flows in a solution package.

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We are trying to use environments to organise our flows by team as we develop and add them. In our case we have  similar flow packages running on different libraries. It's a little strange to be able to put most of the flows in the correct environment but not those with these triggers, currently they are still running in the default environment.
We need to be able to put these SharePoint flows triggered for a selected item and also file in the same environment as their partner flows so we can understand and manage how  these processes fit together long term.  

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Agree 100% and also want to echo what @WouterF22 said. This is more or less a requirement for ALM and solutions

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Looking for the same. It could just be included as "actionParams": EnvironmentID + FlowID