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Use Graph API to list and take action on approvals



It would be really useful to have a Graph API endpoint for a users Flow Approvals.

Something like this:


This would allow users take action on approvals inside an application, lets say a MVC web app or SPFx web part.


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Status: Planned

We are planning on exposing the APIs for Approvals. Thank you.

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Planned? but no Roadmap Entry. Any Updates

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wow, is this still open! I know microsoft works day and nigth with different releases but this is one of the most asked feature! Not sure whats the difficulty here, exposing a Graph API here!

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Is it implemented? I have a similar requirement from my spfx webpart.  

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@Stephen Can you please share a timeline or update the thread with what's latest on this?

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Do you have any tentative date when the API would be available for the custom applications? We are stuck and cannot provide the approve/deny functionality for our .NET application. Thanks!

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When could we expect Approvals Graph API? This is really important requirement for implementing approvals in real life. Thanks!

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Any news? Will it be available this year? Is there any other way to get pending approvals?

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I've found a "workaround API". It works fine. I've described it on my blog and added a code snippet to GitHub. I hope it will help someone 🙂

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Any news regarding this? Approvals is so difficult to work with outside the standard flow.