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Use Graph API to list and take action on approvals



It would be really useful to have a Graph API endpoint for a users Flow Approvals.

Something like this:


This would allow users take action on approvals inside an application, lets say a MVC web app or SPFx web part.


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Status: Planned

We are planning on exposing the APIs for Approvals. Thank you.

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Yes, I agree with Rickard, This is very much required, instead its the need of the hour

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Great idea!
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Yes, this would be extremely helpful

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This is a must have! I have a client who wants to aggregate a list of their approvals in one spot in SharePoint, having to go into Flow is confusing for their users.
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Good idea!

But i would also like an api endpoint for flow itself and not only for approvals 🙂

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We are looking to aggregate approval tasks in an overview specific to each user. Without an api to retrieve these, we are bound to redirecting them to the standard interface. 


While this works fine for users with limited appproval requests - it is a hussle for those who get significant numbers of approvals. 


Please please please make this happen - we would like to finally fully embrace Flows. 

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To expand, why not include items for the entire graph API in Flow?

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned

We are planning on exposing the APIs for Approvals. Thank you.

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 Stephen... thanks for the info. 


Is there an ETA for this?.. 


Would really help us to know so we can plan our development accordingly. 

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Hi Stephen,


Is there an ETA for the availabiity? Please share the approx timeframe so that we can plan our implementation accordingly. 


Thank you,