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Use forms that is shared with me in Flow

It would be great that I can user a form in Flow that is shared with me

I can see the form in forms under tab 'Other forms' (Shared with me to edit) but I don't see the form in Flow, only my own forms

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We would also like this ability. If the form is permenantly tied (and only usable in a flow) by the individual who created it, then when they move on, then there goes our access to the form/flow. In order to be used for a long-time solution we need the ability to keep going forward as employees come and go.

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I would also like to see this. I manage the Flows in the organization but not the Forms and making copies and having to share it back is confusing to people.

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This really needs to be a feature. We setup forms in our O365 group so anyone can acess and modify them in the group. We can't then use flow when we do it this way.

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This is a very important feature for us too.  We do a lot of collaboration and have a siloed environment so some people create the forms, then others create the flows.

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Sadly, this feature still doens't work