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Use public Internet Calendar as trigger

I use different Internet Calendars (webcal) in Outlook. in Outlook I can change between those calendars. I would like to sync entries from these Internet Calendars to my personal Office365-Calendar. Then everybody who can read my calendar can see those entries as well and each entry will be synchronised with my mobile devices.


It would be great to have a trigger for Internet calendars (new entries, changed entries) and then copy those entries to my Office365 calendar or change existing entries.



* I study besides working. Lessons and optional events are published in a public internet calendar and I would like to sync each entry with my Office365 calendar.

* I have a season ticket for a sports team. The starting time of the sport games very often change and I would like to sync the entries with my personal Office365-Calendar.

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Plus one for Internet calendars from me. We use a cloud based holiday booking system which has internet calendars and it would be good to capture this information and push it through to our timesheeting system autmatically

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plus 1 from me as well! i have a few calendar feeds I'd like to merge to one calendar.

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This would be great.  Use a separate Internet Calendar (BrightHR) system for booking holidays.  Would be great to be able to pull these through to my Outlook Calendar so people have sight of when I'm away.  Would be able to roll this out across our business if this worked.