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Use the "Copy Environment" feature with a solution containing Flows using the "CDS (Current Environment)" connector

Here is our scenario:

  • Try to refresh our QA environment with a copy of our production environment (using the "Copy Environment" feature provided on the "Environments" section of the Power Platform Admin Center)
  • On our production environment we have a managed solution containing Flows with the "Common Data Service (Current Environment)" connector


Result today:

The environment copy seems to work well. But, when we look at our Flows, we see a "There is a problem with the flow's trigger." message on the overview page of the Flow, and the Flow do not trigger.


Expected result:

The Flows contained in the solution should be operational on the target environment after the copy, like if we have made a import of the solution manually.


More details:

  • The issue seems not linked with the fact we are using managed solutions
  • The issue is not linked with the fact we use a Full Copy. We got the same comportment with a Minimal Copy.
  • We got the issue on Flows using the "Common Data Service" or the "Common Data Service (Current Environment)" connector, but it works well with the simplest Flow ever ("Button --> Scope")
  • Turn off the Flows in the solution before the copy does not seem to correct the problem


Thank you in advance for your consideration for this idea.

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New Member

This is exactly what happened with us. To add more, the Production flow was triggered when records in QA were created.


The flows using CDS Current Environment Connector in QA are not triggering anymore, even after resetting the connections. What's an alternative?