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Using Rename on Action Breaks Inputs in References

The template validation failed: 'The repetition action(s) 'Apply_to_each_2' referenced by 'inputs' in action 'Apply_to_each_PG_Approver' are not defined in the template.'.


This error appeared after I used rename on an action. It seems that rename does not cascade to other actions that were using the reference being renamed. One has to visit each of them and reapply the affected inputs.


In this case, I renamed "Apply_to_each_2" to be "Apply_to_each_PG_Approver", but Flow couldn't automatically go through each input with the "Apply_to_each_2" prefix and cascade the change.


This is a big pain! Lesson - Upon adding an action, immediately use rename or leave it at the default name forever.

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Had exactly the same issue.

By using Peek code in the items that give the failure, you can see which dynamic field is causing the issue.


This should be something that can be prevented...

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I had the exact same problem.  Since it is a pretty long flow, I'm going to leave the generic for now, but it is a tip I'll share with my fellow flow builders!