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Utilising Flow (and Powerapps) to perform mail merge function with Office Word - new idea

For a complete business workflow solution, the ability for Flow to query a datasource and retrieve a specific record and then use this information to pass into a Microsoft Word template would be of enormous benefit to many businesses.

The resulting document can be saved to SharePoint. emailed, PDFs or stamped / signed.

Can see some powerful applications here in either just Flow and Powerapps.

Is this something we can look forward to as would love to get the ball rolling on this..

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Hi @tkeller,


You can use Plumsail Documents to generate DOCX or PDF from template. You can apply your own data and send generated documents by email. Some examples for you:


Note: It is a paid solution

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Thanks for the option of the paid solution however preference is for this to eventually be made available within Powerapps and Flow as a connector.

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Very interested in getting this functionality.  How can you claim integration with O365 and not include Word?

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This is a really needed integration. The ability to "mail merge like" word documents to be saved/emailed without the need for a paid solution!

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This idea was posted in 2017. Any updates please?