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Utilising Flow (and Powerapps) to perform mail merge function with Office Word

For a complete business workflow solution, the ability for Flow to query a datasource and retrieve a specific record and then use this information to pass into a Microsoft Word template would be of enormous benefit to many businesses.

The resulting document can be saved to SharePoint. emailed, PDFs or stamped / signed.

Can see some powerful applications here in either just Flow and Powerapps.

Is this something we can look forward to as would love to get the ball rolling on this..

Status: New
Regular Visitor

Seriously - Excel actions and NO WORD actions in Microsoft Flow?
This is weak.

Advocate IV

I would love to utilize this to customize the body of an email to include a standard layout and language but input the data from the connected data source.

Regular Visitor

This is a serious weakness in Powerapps and Flow.