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Variable for pass from a flow run to next flow run.

I want to pass some value from a flow run to next flow run.

for using how difference previouse value from last flow run to this flow run.


My scenario:

1. Run a flow per 1 hour.

  Check some values, and calculate difference between last values and now values.

  If the difference is so large, notify mobile, and add task for check.


2. Run a flow per 15 minutes.

  Check some values, and Send a mail about current values, and difference from last values.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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Another example would be trigger from receive email, use the subject of email to create a section in Onenote or SP.

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Thank you @Anonymous for share your scenario



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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The blog post of Microsoft Flow development team is the reason of this idea.


The blog

"Flow of the Week: Automated notification when a new build is deployed to Production"


In the blog, 

Get build version of last flow run for comparing version of this flow run.

They use sharepoint as storage for build verion of last flow run.


By variables for pass last flow run, We can do more. and more easy.



Yoshihiro Kawabata



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Similar idea but looking to pass variables to a different flow called using the Start Flow action: