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Version Control for Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop



i would like to have a  version control for power automate and power automate desktop flow.

we are facing a problem when we change something on a flow to test on the production environment.


there are version control in the powerapps but automate doesn't have.


Status: New



this document of Application lifecycle management (ALM) might help


You can leverage Solution of Power Platform to export your solution and store components in your source control system, such as Azure DevOps.

In Azure Marketplace, Power Platform Build Tools is an extension of Azure DevOps. You can use it to build your automated DevOps pipelines.


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We were hoping for the same thing, but the desktop flows can't be exported, you can only make copies, which end up being a royal mess!!

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@Cobyc  thank you for vote this idea.

some big desktop flows cannot export due to the large size. so we need version control like a powerapps.

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@Cobyc and @jadenkim  I second that proposal! 


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if I am using power automate flow / solution, that is a production critical component, we need some sort of Microsoft ability to integrate with git,
Specifically if I have developed a solution / flow that is currently in use in production.
An issue comes up that requires changes, the current practice of developing and testing the solution in in PowerPlatform environment assigned to "dev", then once reviewed and approved to be deployed to production then current method of copy / paste the solution (export / import). Is not acceptable as good team software development. No record of the changes / diff , shortest way of saying is all the GIT flow capabilities we use daily for all our other software we use like nodeJS or Java, or C++ or C# , this is a big gap in promoting that PowerPlatform be used internal and by our clients. we have >250,000 staff plus contractors and thousands of worldwide clients both extremely large, and small startups. We are in the middle of promoting PowerAutomate as the "low code - no code" solution. 
Forgive me if it is just something I missed in the documentation, but I have searched everywhere including MS Docs, and StackTrace etc.