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Version Control on Flow Definitions

As would any decent tool where users make changes to code or configuration changes, implementing a version control component, would allow a user to a) rollback, and b) reference back to code.  Optional additional features show which user performed the edits, datetime stamp of changes, and code diff tool between versions.

Status: Under Review
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@BO55VXR - Can't we have a version control similar like PowerApps Apps, where we simply can go to previous version if we have any issue's in current version ?

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Definitely need a rollback option with the latest update. But, it appears this has been 4 years in the making. 😕

FYI... Version 2.13 and 2.14 are not backwards compatible. Our unattended RPA server has 2.13... my PC updated to 2.14. Now my two new flows won't even open on the server, and updating the server may break the flows currently running. 

Anyone have any suggestions?


Per MS: 

Breaking forward compatibility of older versions of Power Automate for desktop

This is a note that new desktop flows that will be created (or past flows that will be saved) in the new release, will not be able to be run or opened by older installations of Power Automate for desktop. 

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Maybe we will have this in 2022? 😉

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Now it is 4 years and this idea is in review. Lets hope our kids find this feature useful 🙂 

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Hard to imagine this doesn't exist.  Please add ASAP.   Flow and Desktop!

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So... this will never happen?