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Version Control on Flow Definitions

As would any decent tool where users make changes to code or configuration changes, implementing a version control component, would allow a user to a) rollback, and b) reference back to code.  Optional additional features show which user performed the edits, datetime stamp of changes, and code diff tool between versions.

Status: Under Review
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I agree with this, please add versioning. 

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Totally agree and support this idea. Version control is really important, especially with large and important flows.

The system doesn't have to be complex like Git. A YAML-based version control may also work to me.

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This is a definite want here! We're currently exporting the zip file after each change and uploading to a document library which is terribly time consuming and wasteful of space. 


Hopefully this becomes a reality! 

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Dear Microsoft - Update, timeline and roadmap?

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PLEASE. Good lord how is this not a feature?!

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So how long has the status of this been "under review". I just always assumed it was there just like in powerapps, then found out the hard way it was not just today.

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ARGH!!!!  I just lost days of work because of a simple mistake due to the lack of VERSION CONTROL!!   **bleep**...this tool is not ready for real production work.

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This would be really handy - one of my flows just reverted itself to what it looked like a month ago, version control would stop that kind of rubbish!

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It's hard to really build any important business automation around a system that doesn't allow for version control, nevermind convince other departments to implement with no backup plan for erroneous changes. Absolute must-have feature!


Hoping we can keep the "Under Review" timeframe within 3 years...

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Version control has been done in PowerApps so it would be great to see it here too.