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Version Control on Flow Definitions

As would any decent tool where users make changes to code or configuration changes, implementing a version control component, would allow a user to a) rollback, and b) reference back to code.  Optional additional features show which user performed the edits, datetime stamp of changes, and code diff tool between versions.

Status: Under Review
Advocate II

I voted for this idea three years ago... and still nothing. Another user just inadvertently modified my Flow and now I have to fix all of this code instead of just revert back to a previous version. WTF Microsoft?

Advocate IV



Anybody curating this forum?

Advocate I

It's very poor not to have proper version control of flows! This is urgently needed.

Regular Visitor

It's unbelievable that this wasn't implemented in v1. Microsoft needs to take this application more seriously--we have very important business processes that have begun migrating to PA and it keeps me up at night that one errant keystroke may destroy a flow that's taken hours to develop. PLEASE move this idea into your backlog asap!

Advocate I

Please create version history capability for Power Automate. This is a much needed functionality that is present in almost all other parts of O365. The time spent in trying to either recover from a roll back to a previous version or in creating save/export backup systems of on our own is significant. Further it seems like this is something that should have been there all along, so many of our users are surprised when they find out that it isn't and frustrated when they first run into this issue and have to redo lost work and then start changing their work process to create a backup system.


Responsive Resident

I cannot understand why this was not already implemented!! Please Microsoft!

Advocate IV

So after reviewing it for THREE YEARS, what have you come up with? Or was it just another lie?

Advocate I

I think their review process should go under review. They just ignored this, but labeled it under review.

Advocate IV

The danger of not maintaining this forum and providing update, is that the good people taking important part of their time at work to contribute, will simply stop... and this will become an idea cemetery.  I am disappointed at the low level of resources Microsoft is assigning to Power Automate... the development speed is way too slow, there are massive gaps, low hanging fruits (sorting columns in listing flows), etc...

Advocate I

Sadly I've come to the conclusion that the Power Automate team at MS don't even bother looking at User Voice. There are so many essential features that aren't included, like this one, that have been suggested by the vocal and supportive user base only to be ignored for years.


When talking with partner managers, product teams, etc. we are always asked to post on User Voice to give feedback, suggestions, etc. and it's just a black hole with very little to no interaction from MS themselves. Waste of time.