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Version Control on Flow Definitions

As would any decent tool where users make changes to code or configuration changes, implementing a version control component, would allow a user to a) rollback, and b) reference back to code.  Optional additional features show which user performed the edits, datetime stamp of changes, and code diff tool between versions.

Status: Under Review
Level: Power Up

This idea will be curicial for enterprise customers

Level: Powered On

Any updates on this? was UNDER REVIEW almost 2 years ago.

Level: Powered On

Please Integrate all of Power Platform to have versioning ingrained inside of Azure DevOps. And Power Platform users can be added to groups within DevOps and check in new Apps/Flows/BI reports. Otherwise, there can be extensive damage done inside of a company if not managed properly. These need heightened security even now. Governance internally will never be enough!

Level: Powered On

This would be fantastic. I use the version history a lot in PowerApps to revert to a previous version when developing SharePoint custom forms.

Level: Powered On

In order to Flow to become a mature tool, version control is an absolute must.  PowerApps has it... and it's the Power Platform.  Please add it to your backlog.  After all, it's simply saving a version of the definition for most of it.


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