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Version Control on Flow Definitions

As would any decent tool where users make changes to code or configuration changes, implementing a version control component, would allow a user to a) rollback, and b) reference back to code.  Optional additional features show which user performed the edits, datetime stamp of changes, and code diff tool between versions.

Status: Under Review
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Well, I got so fed up waiting, I used the blog link below and created a flow that would look at all the flows I have and extract out the definition ands stored them in SharePoint.


Not an exact science, but at least I have a history now so if things do go horribly wrong I have a chance of getting back to a working state


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I really can't believe they haven't been able to implement this functionality in the 4 years Power Automate has been released to production. This really is a must have, and I can't believe they are not versioning their workflows in some way. Please release this functionality to your users, especially the ones that will be forced to migrate SPD workflows before both 2010 and 2013 are shut off. Your users need time to plan, develop and test appropriately. Fortunately I do not have many of them to worry about, but I know other SharePoint folks that have quite a hill to climb in front of them, with strict change and release policies.


Quick side note: for a pretty hackish way to get backups of your flows, use sharegate to copy your source data to a SharePoint site as a list or library. Name the destination your workflow name, and date released and you have at least something to refer back to. I'm sure this isn't a solution for every type of flow, but should at least cover your SharePoint processes.

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Is there any progress on this topic, is certainly a must have!

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Actually @Jim_P there is... 


Microsoft released ALM scripting for Azure DevOps / Pipelines a while back and there's a whole tutorial from Mariano Gomez (Microsoft Business Applications MVP)


Whilst it isn't an in-built version control mechanism like with Power Apps, it at least allows for Repo version control.

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Agreed on the need for generic git integration (not just GitHub) which supports self-hosted GitLab.

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Gosh, there isn't a simple way doing this????

I am a new bie who gonna try to fix our old flow and I am so scared to break any of it!!!

Having tried the export and import, but I wish it is not activate... since two same flow in the exact same environment already sounds troublesome and I just want to take a look!


Is there a viewing mode or something like that?

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To all those concerned, be patient... its almost here .. Microsoft are finalizing a product know as the ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers which is currently in Public Preview


Note: It is still work-in-progress (hence public preview) and things are constantly being updated but feel free to look at all the preview bits and, please, if you have any comments, questions or issues, then post them in the GitHub Discussions / Issues boards (not here, the devs dont look here 😉 )


"The ALM Accelerator components enable makers to apply source control strategies using Azure DevOps and use automated builds and deployment of solutions to their environments without the need for manual intervention by the maker, administrator, developer, or tester. In addition the ALM Accelerator provides makers the ability to work without intimate knowledge of the downstream technologies and to be able to switch quickly from developing solutions to source controlling the solution and ultimately pushing their apps to other environments with as few interruptions to their work as possible.


The ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers application (a Power App) will manage deploying solutions from Development to Validation to Testing and to Production (or any other deployment strategy as you see fit) using Azure DevOps build / release pipelines"


FYI: I am just an interested party in this product, I take no kudos in its development... I am just a messenger here (but have been permitted to post here on their behalf)... Great job team.. A lot of people here will be happy(er)