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View Attachment Files in Teams Adaptive Card Approval Flows

The latest feature to add File Attachment to Approval Flows :

As seen in the blog, this seems to only be available in the Action Center in Power Automate portal, as well as Emails. This does not seem to be in effect for Adaptive Cards in teams.


Request: File attachment is viewable/downloadable through Teams Approval flow Adaptive Cards either through mobile or desktop.


ex. Our use case requires on-the-floor operations leads on teams either through handheld mobile, tablets or laptops and teams is a major instant communication tool between multiple departments company-wide. Approvals through teams Adaptive Cards speeds up the process of approval on specific cases but attachments are often required to be viewed. Opening a separate app (Outlook) to approve through email, defeats the purpose of using teams adaptive cards at all.


Email - Attachment thereEmail - Attachment thereTeams - Adaptive Card no attachmentTeams - Adaptive Card no attachment

Status: New
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And for Mobile too: see (sorry @virakones but copied your content for the Mobile idea 💪)

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Once again, I am not surprised that MS leaves out this essential feature.

Giving users 4 locations for Approvals, but each looks different... (PowerApps, Teams, E-Mail, App)