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View Flow in read-only view and print it to PDF

It would be great if we could go into a Flow and view it without the need to be "editing" it. That way I can review a Flow a colleague has produced without accidentally making changes.


Also, if we could print the Flow to PDF, that would allow easy viewing when offline. It would also allow others to review it without needing to grant them access to the flow.

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I would like to underline the PRINT Aspect. I have to create PROCEDURES, having the ability to print the flow and add editorials would be ideal! 

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Yes a view flow option would be awesome and would probably help load time.


But to your second request you may want to try the following steps as a work around if you use Chrome browser, the same can be done on Mac's browser although the shortcut keys are different.  From the flow or any web page really:

  1. Press the keys CTRL + SHIFT + I
    1. This brings up Chromes developer tool
  2. Press the keys CTRL + SHIFT + M
    1. This brings up the device tool bar where you can resize the viewable area of the web page.  It seems like it is actually meant to see what the web page would look like on different devices.
  3. Resize using the width and the height fields to include what you want to print out
  4. Press the keys CTRL + SHIFT + P
    1. This will bring up a drop down where you can Run Commands
  5. Type Screenshot
  6. Select Capture full size screenshot
  7. Save your screenshot
  8. Press the keys CTRL + SHIFT + P
    1. This will close the developer tool

You can also do this by using the Chrome menu to get to the developer tool and:

  • Clicking the Toggle device toolbar icon to do the resizing
  • then clicking the menu within the developer tool to Run Command which will allow you to do the screenshot