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View SharePoint Item\Document Flow history

It would be nice to have the option to view all Flows that ran on a SharePoint Item or Document, like we can with Workflows. Below are the options when I look at a Document named "FLOW test" in a SharePoint library on O365.








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I second this request...I'm trying to troubleshoot a situation where the flow technically finished "successfully", but do to an error in my logic, it really didn't give the desired outcome.


Trying to wade through the Run History to find the specific instance of flow that ran against a specific sharepoint List Item is painful!  I have to open each one...look to see if its the instance I'm looking for by openning the run results contained within...nope...move to the next one.


I tried dumping the logs to Excel...that didn't help at all.

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In my document library I start several flows a day. When I want to check the state of the flow for a particular document (or the other way around, I want to check for which document the flow is running/succeeded/failed) I have to open every flow (in the history) that started that day.


It would be nice if a flow link can be created in the documentlibrary (in a column) after starting the flow, or to show a link to document in the flow history.

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Hi Brenda,


I just wanted to say there is another similar submission open on this as well. Item level Flow

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I'm wonderingt about exactly the same thing. It's really difficult to provide any sort of reporting across the (work)flow stausu on a list that is manged by Flows


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I desperately need this feature. 

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Hi Any feedback or suggestions. Having issues with flows run by other users and I cannot access any history logs, errors list etc … Linda