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View details of Condition results in runs

It would be helpful when debugging to see exactly what values are being compared in a condition, much the way we see the input and output of an action.


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This lack of information is frustrating, please add visibility to what values were evaluated.

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This would simplify troubleshooting a lot!

Instead of having to be adding variables to try to find the outputs, this would simply the all process.


This is a long-standing issue with very high user impact. Fixing this would make debugging flows substantially easier.


For example, the output for this fairly complicated condition:





Is this:




Since the formulas used are very complex—and since it is impossible to easily declare "temporary" variables for use in conditionals like these—writing "complex" conditionals is very difficult. You must rely on complicated, brittle workarounds like:


Check Conditions In Power Automate During Run – Flow Alt Delete – Josh Cook [Microsoft MVP]

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This ticket is about to be 5 years old. 😧