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Visual Studio Online - not all available fields are returned

When reading propertied on creation of new item in VSO not all fields are returned.  Specifically we would like to see Target Date get returned.  Here is the field type "Microsoft.VSTS.Scheduling.TargetDate".

Status: New

Try and follow the below steps in case it helps out, 


  • Add a new Data Operations - Compose Action after the VSO action for when the VSO item is updated.
  •  In the input for the compose action, put "@triggerBody()['fields']?['
  • Use the Output from this compose action in the next action (e.g. email) and it should give you the value of the custom fields from VSO. 

This worked for me for custom fields as well as other standard VSO fields. 
Hope this helps.


Forget "Custom Fields", it would be nice to just be able to get at all standard fields in a work item.