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We Need Flow Approvals and Emails to come from a Single Account

Flows need to come from a single account. If i create a " account, then i should be able to use that account for all actions in both Automated flows and Button Flows and not require users to approve their connections to the flow. This has to be the worst setup I have seen come out of Microsoft yet especially since the SharePoint Designer workflows were automatic in how they sent emails.   It is inconvenient and even confusing to users to see emails from the creator of a flow that has noting to do with the process and it is just as confusing when a button flow has several actions and different stages of emails that are not from the person who pressed the button. We should be able to Assign a general account to a button flow. The send on behalf is still a lackluster option since it shows up from the person who pressed the button on behalf of the other account (i.e. UserNameWhoTriggeredFLow on behalf of SharePoint).  I know a lot of people have asked about this and it has been denied but i am going to continue to request it since my company has not left any choice to use anything but Microsoft. I had hoped that if i created an account and then let all users have access to that account then all the emails would just come from that account. Extremely disappointed with the thought process on Power Automate and Approvals and Send an Email V2.

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I agree this can be annoying, but there is something that you can try doing till the time a fix is launched for this.


In the Send an Email action, there is a section "From" where you can add the email address you want to appear in the From section of the Email. You can have a single account which can be added in the From section of all the Emails that you send from Flow.


Although, there is a catch here, The account you use here should have some privileges given from Microsoft Exchange, and here they are


  • Login to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center as a Global Administrator or an Exchange Administrator (Custom Role):
  • Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center
  • Under Mailboxes > Recipients, locate the User or Group (single account you want to send emails from) in which you want to impersonal when sending emails from Microsoft Flow
  • Select the Edit icon
  • Under Group Delegation, add the account running the workflow to the appropriate role (Account under which your Flow is running)
    • Send As: Recipient perceives that the email is delivered from the impersonated user or group. (this is where we need to add the email account under which your Flow is running)
    • Send on Behalf: Recipient perceives that the email is delivered on behalf of the impersonated user or group.

Hope this helps!