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We should run the Flow from http "POST" action on Message Card posted in Microsoft Teams

I tried run Flow using HTTP Request Trigger from Message card's http "POST" action. However, my Flow doesn't run.


I can find post in stackoverflow


This scenario has a very great possibility, strongly needed.

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Was there ever any movement on this?  I'm creating a message card that is posted to Teams, and I'd like to have an HttpPOST action on the card that can then trigger a "When a HTTP request is received" Flow. 


While I can manually exercise the HTTP flow via Postman and it works just fine, every time I try it from the card in Teams, I get "There was a problem submitting your changes. Try again in a minute."  I've tried a number of things, including removing the "sig" query param, and it always gives this message.  I'd prefer not to have to deploy my own endpoint to act as the middle man between the card action and the Flow (if I did that, I wouldn't need the Flow).