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We would like to see Zoom as a flow trigger and have flow actions.

Eg. Start a meeting, End a meeting, Schedule a meeting, etc. etc.

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As a Zoom user,

When [I get a notification that] a meeting recording is ready,

Automatically upload the files to a location on Sharepoint,

So that I don't have to find, download to my local, and upload the file(s) to Sharepoint for archival.

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While I recognize that Teams is the preferred communication tool, many orgs adopted Zoom during the pandemic because Teams did not yet meet their needs. With the prevalence of Zoom in the current business environment some integration is necessary.

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It would be very helpful to set my status in Slack as Do Not Disturb while in a Zoom meeting. 

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As our clients demand content + Meetings in zoom the ability to consume datasets from Zoom directly would aid in integrating that content into our shared database.

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Zoom's API allows folks to get a zoom link with encrypted passcode string if they've got a zoom link and a passcode. It'd be nice to see "Generate Passcode Enabled Link" as one of the actions.