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Whatsapp notification support



I would love to have a WhatsApp connector.


Where I can send myself WhatsApps based on the content of incoming mail.



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It would be amazing if we could have this whatsapp connector.

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A connector that can send files to onedrive / sharepoint from a whatsapp group would be awesome. 

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We're implmenting Flow for 2 years ago and it has been a fantastic journey. It's our additional co-worker


Whatsapp notification would help us in communications between orders and Wharehouse where in certain specific conditions Flow would text wharehouse and by doing so to alert them for actions to be made.


Please consider this connector.

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Yeah, I think that a WhatsApp connector would be sensational

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+1 on this idea


Whatsapp is becoming more and more in use in business esp with field engineers and technicians out in the field.

Whilst I can get the data out of 365/into flow, getting it to Whatsapp is certainly something that would be of great use.

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Looking for Whatsup connector to save what-ups message in SharePoint online  list. 


We have WhatsUp groups, if any message post in whatsup group need to save in SharePoint list.


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Lets get this on board 

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one more 🙂