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Whatsapp notification support



I would love to have a WhatsApp connector.


Where I can send myself WhatsApps based on the content of incoming mail.



Status: New
New Member

It will be great to get notification in my mobile messaging service

New Member

Yes, add please!!

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Faced with the same idea today.

This connector should allow sending messages to the list of contacts.

New Member

It would be nice to have a Whatsapp connector to post a message to a group.


I would like to be able to send a message to a WhatsApp group based on some trigger (for example adding a file in a relevant OneDrive folder). It would be great for personal use, but also many businesses use WhatsApp groups as a way to communicate.

Continued Contributor

I would like to be able to trigger incoming messges from whatsapp so I can relay them to Teams.

Deending on incoming Contact, it should be routable to specific groupos or channels.

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Waiting eagerly for a whatsapp connector on Flow. Please make in happen.


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It would be really useful to be able to send messages to WhatsApp recipients. Where I am people don't commonly check email, so WhatsApp would be a great way to send messages to people as part of my business workflow.

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Me too, just faced with this problem today.  Looking at some possible work arounds to acheive what I want..

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supporting this idea ❤️