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When Flow is saved - keep showing that is was saved (to prevent double saves)

When working a lot with (multiple) flows, this is a must to prevent unnecessary versions (when version management ever will be implemented it would also save Microsoft in storage capacity).


When saving the Flow it is shown at the top:


But when finished saving, nothing is shown to let me know (after a while) that the last changes were saved so I just save it again to be sure.


The notification that leaving this page would lose my changes (even after just saving or not even changing anything)


just fuels my insecurity if saved it or not 😉


Some kind of status about the edit-status of the Flow (like in PowerApps) that is always checkable would be nice.

Example = 


So I'm not requesting about full version management with a distinction between saved and publised (I expect this to be another request with a lot of votes somewhere out there) but just a quick win about the current save-status.

Status: New