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When a New SharePoint News Post is Published, take an action

My goal is to make an announcement on Teams when a New SharePoint News Post item is published.  

To differentiate this from existing functionality "when a new item is created," this focuses on a specific item type, a New, Published News Post.  The existing template in the library will look for any item created.  It's too noisy when unrelated items are announced to Teams, especially if the News Post hasn't been published yet & contains links to other newly created pages - especially when those pages were created to facilitate the News Post.  It, simply put, is too noisy, and spoils the fun of announcing a complete, cohesive News Post.

Said another way, I want to build a Flow that works like:

(SharePoint) "When a New News Post is Published"  <-- new functionality
(Teams) "Post an announcement in Teams"  <-- existing functionality

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Regular Visitor

I think you can do that with the existing trigger "When a file is created or modified (properties only)” and then checking the promoted state, as documented here:

Frequent Visitor

I used These instructions for my needs. Works great. Although her HTML needs some work. You could definitely add the Teams functionality to it.