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When item is added to a Tasks checklist in Planner, add at To-Do with the same title

It would be great for those of us that live by a to-do list where any time someone adds an item to the "Checklist" in a Task we are assigned to in Planner, that checklist item will be automatically populated in the To-Do app with the same name. 


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There doesn't seem to be a trigger for adding a checklist item, however checklist items are accessible through the "Get task details" action. In theory you could pull in all tasks in planner, pull in your to-do lists and then iterate over every task to sync the to-do list with the planner task's checklists. You could set this to run every day to sync up your to-do lists. 

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@Anonymous how do you access checklist items through "Get Task Details"? It doesn't seem to be listed in my dynamic contents window.