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When new Lead is added/created, call Insight to get Account & Contact details

The problem is that new Lead information can be incomplete and inconsistent, therefore my suggestion is:


When a new lead is created (or uploaded),  call Microsoft Insights and return Account and Contact information.


Given that lead information may be generated from mulitple sources e.g. Uploads, Event registration, Web Enquiries, Sales Activities, etc., which may contain errors or be out of date, using Flow to call MS Insights Discovery Center to populate Account and Contact information, would be of huge benefit for Sales (and Marketing alike), to ensure accurate and consistent  data to work from.



Any activity that automatically populates or validates data entry fields for the user/prospect/customer, also improves "user experience" and increases "brand loyalty".



Could this Flow (or a similar Flow) also be used to "update" the current Account and Contact records on a predetermined frequency (e.g. annually, half yearly, or quarterly), to maintain the accuracy/currency of the records in the database?


Further research:

If the data returned from MS Insights is different from that entered, how to ascertain which data is the most current and should be used for further processing?

Status: New