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When the language setting in Flow is set to Japanese, "月(month)" won't be displayed in “Start time” of "Run history".(Issue is specific to Internet Explorer only)

This problem occurs with Internet Explorer only.
If the language setting is set to Japanese, you don’t see the “月(month)” of "〇月〇日(〇month 〇day) " which should be displayed on [Run History] screen in [My flows]. (For instance, March 14th is supposed to be displayed like “3 month 14 day” in Japanese way of writing.)

3月14日 12:26 (21 時間前) → 314 日 12:26 (21 時間前)

For Japanese users, 314日(it means “day” in Japanese) will be recognized as “314 days”, not March 14th, therefore, it should be corrected to the appropriate way of writing according to Japanese language rule.

※ Other browsers can show the date normally, according to Japanese writing rule.
Status: New