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Windows 10 PC app for Microsoft Flow

I want to use Microsoft Flow app on Windows 10 PC.

for get GPS location , get flow notifications, start buttons from start menu, etc.

from my Surface Pro 4 / Windows Tablets.







Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: Under Review

Thank you for this suggestion!

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Is it possible to have a 'Send to Desktop' type function for a particular Flow button?

e.g. I have the 'Block out my O365 Calendar for an hour' Flow button, and would like to have this on my desktop and phones home screen.



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So this is here since april and mine is the first vote... not sure this "Flow Ideas" is working really. Nobody that uses Flow uses touchscreen computers??

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Yes, this should be a no brainer to implement!? Getting notifications on windows 10 from a flow would be useful in many scenarios.

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I want to use the Flow button on Start menu on Windows.
like the Flow button on Phone.


My scenario:

- Create a Flow button with no-code, and use it at start menu on Windows.

- Create a kiosk PC with no-code, which show fullscreen start menu and the Flow buttons.

- Turn on/off the device by PC with no-code, the Flow button on it screen, and run flow


What do you think?

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Surface Go is mobile.

Therefore, I want the Flow mobile app for use it with no-code.


Same here, +1

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Also I want it. There is Android app, IOS app, Win10m app and doesn't exist app for Windows 10. I think also Microsoft don't Believes in his store.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for this suggestion!

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Would LOVE to see the W10 mobile/Hub app be updated to be available for full Windows 10! @Stephen 

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Not clear for me: Exist or not Windows 10 PC app for Microsoft Flow?