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Windows 10 PC app for Microsoft Flow

I want to use Microsoft Flow app on Windows 10 PC.

for get GPS location , get flow notifications, start buttons from start menu, etc.

from my Surface Pro 4 / Windows Tablets.







Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: Under Review

Thank you for this suggestion!

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Is it possible to have a 'Send to Desktop' type function for a particular Flow button?

e.g. I have the 'Block out my O365 Calendar for an hour' Flow button, and would like to have this on my desktop and phones home screen.



Helper II

So this is here since april and mine is the first vote... not sure this "Flow Ideas" is working really. Nobody that uses Flow uses touchscreen computers??

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Yes, this should be a no brainer to implement!? Getting notifications on windows 10 from a flow would be useful in many scenarios.

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I want to use the Flow button on Start menu on Windows.
like the Flow button on Phone.


My scenario:

- Create a Flow button with no-code, and use it at start menu on Windows.

- Create a kiosk PC with no-code, which show fullscreen start menu and the Flow buttons.

- Turn on/off the device by PC with no-code, the Flow button on it screen, and run flow


What do you think?

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Surface Go is mobile.

Therefore, I want the Flow mobile app for use it with no-code.


Same here, +1

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Also I want it. There is Android app, IOS app, Win10m app and doesn't exist app for Windows 10. I think also Microsoft don't Believes in his store.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for this suggestion!

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Would LOVE to see the W10 mobile/Hub app be updated to be available for full Windows 10! @Stephen 

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Not clear for me: Exist or not Windows 10 PC app for Microsoft Flow?