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Windows Phone Integration

The ability to send/recieve text messages based off a trigger, set reminders and alarm, schedule phone calls, etc

Status: Declined

We no longer plan any improvements with our Windows phone integration.

Microsoft Employee

Totally agree

Level 8

Thinking about notifications for android and iOS too.

Level: Power Up


I bought a Windows phone to get the best Microsoft environment and not really understanding why the Windows Mobile app hasnt been created first, but also why it isn't even announced at all??


When can we expect an app for Windows??

Level 8

Thinking about Windows Phone is not into any Microsoft roadmap for the future.


Glad to discuss about Windows Flow app.



Level: Power Up
It's hilarious (in a very sad way) that MSFT says its pushing Windows 10 Mobile to enterprise, while not releasing Microsoft Flow (which is part of the business editions of Office 365) to Windows 10. I guess the new management really hates Windows 10.