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Wishing the feature to be improved that could enable to modify connection name.

I have a comment on the feature regarding the connection name when creating the [connection] of  [Office 365 Outlook] along with Flow. Although I once found the account name displayed within its connection name, at this moment I am unable to recognize it due to all the connection name referred as [Office 365 Outlook]. This really causes me some troubles because I can't tell the difference between connection name and account one even if I am able to get accessed along with a different account from the previous one whish was available. Consequently,  I hope the relevant feature to be improved so as to modify or check connection name concerned.



Status: Under Review
Level 10

I want to rename each connections to unique name for select connection.


Now, File System connections is same name which difference folder path, difference on-premisis data gateway, difference account.







Yoshihiro Kawabata

Level: Powered On

This is totally needed. 100% Agreed.

Level: Powered On

Absolutely agree. And I've linked a related 'idea' below for anyone else interested, and to vote for both to be implemented.

Level: Powered On

Totally agree this is needed. for Microsoft to try and justify the flawed status quo would be absurd.

Level 10

Any status on this?  Being unable to rename a connection for both MS Flow and PowerApps is very annoying.  


We have multiple connections to different environments - for instance Salesforce (a production, UAT, and development) and it is very difficult to ensure that the right one is chosen.  This is VERY annoying.