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Wishing the feature to be improved that could enable to modify connection name.

I have a comment on the feature regarding the connection name when creating the [connection] of  [Office 365 Outlook] along with Flow. Although I once found the account name displayed within its connection name, at this moment I am unable to recognize it due to all the connection name referred as [Office 365 Outlook]. This really causes me some troubles because I can't tell the difference between connection name and account one even if I am able to get accessed along with a different account from the previous one whish was available. Consequently,  I hope the relevant feature to be improved so as to modify or check connection name concerned.



Status: Under Review
Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
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I'd very much like to see this as well. We're using a shared flow running on a service account to create work items in Azure Devops and it's very difficult to tell which connector we have selected for any given task in Flow. (see screenshot below which includes two connectors that are configured under different accounts) Picking the wrong connection leads to issues.