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Word Online (Business) Connector : Populate a Microsoft Word Template with rich text


You have done a great work with this connector Word Online (Business) Connector. 

But it works only with docx and with plain text. It does not includes Picture or Building blocks also.


Can you just finish the job and finish the implementation and at least KEEP documention updated as the limitation are not specified.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

That would really help me a lot as well.

Level: Powered On

This would be very helpful. Also, need to be able to push a list into the Word template as a bullet list without creating a repeater.

Level 8

The connector jump to premium....... Cat Mad

Are you really serious ? It's not finished but you sell it.
It's a real problem to set Office365 connector to premium. What will be the next one ? SharePoint ? Excel ? Outlook ? Notification ? Can you stop to change the rules ? License model, connectors...

Level: Powered On

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