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Word Online (Business) Connector - Populate a Microsoft Word Template - Repeating Section Content Control Recursion

Adding a Nested Child Repeating Section Content Control within a Repeating Section Content Control.


Child Repeating Section Content Control.PNG


Status: New
New Member

I would need this too to create some reports with power automate.

It would simplify much manual work which I have to do right now.

Without the feature it is currently not possible to fulfill that use-case.


As a first step it would also be okay to me if it is only possible in the json and not within the GUI.


Another workaround would be to add merging of documents to the tools in Microsoft Word, but this probably would not fulfill every case.

Advocate III

My biz case is generation of forms that have variable number of sections, each with a variable number of items per section.  E.g. 




Section 1: Ladder Safety Observations

     Observation                                Score         User Comments

          Base anchors in use?             3/3                 All ladders in use used nailed base blanks.

          Non-conductive ladders?      2/3                Shortage of fiberglass ladders means repeated moves.


Section 2: Trenching Observations

     Observation                                             Score         User Comments

          Trench plates >18" trenches?             3/3                 ~

          Waste piles > 6' from trench?            2/3                Rain has caused flow of waste towards trench.

          Rescue lines on all workers?              3/3                 ~


Thus, I need to be able to nest a repeating item line inside of a repeating section(s) line.