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Word Online PDF Converter should take dynamic file input

I know the Word Online PDF converter is in preview, but not being able to select a file dynamically is a big turn down.


Inspired by this forum thread, I hereby (so formal) ask for the PDF converter to be able to take dynamic files.

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Yes, this is an absolute must !!!

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I agree!

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This is so strange...

I've designed a lot of flows using dynamic content to convert a Word File to PDF (Using the Word Connector).

It's worked perfectly fine up until today??


Has anything changed??

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I would also really appreciate this feature!

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Crazy it was not dynamic by default

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We were able to get it to work dynamically by using the "displayname" token from the "Convert Word Document to PDF" action following the instructions in the last comment of

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This function was working the way @GraysonBishop mentioned, but suddenly after 8 months of working this way no longer works. I have tried using the workarounds mentioned but none of them are working, so I am very curious what has happened. Basically the connector is useless this way, and breaks a process that I built. From testing it appears to be working about 35% of the time, using an actual selected file.