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Word PDF and Template connectors should not be premium

I believe that the Word connectors for "Convert to PDF" and "Populate a Word Template" should be standard rather than premium connectors. As part of the service of our O365 subscription, the connectors to the Office products should not require that we pay again in order to use them. PowerApps and Flow are great tools and help to improve the productivity but as additional restrictions get placed on what is included with our license and what now requires additional licensing changes, it is getting harder to justify doing those projects with those tools. Paying an additional $40/user/month adds significant dollars to an organization and management questions what else might be updated and changed from standard to premium or new connectors released and only available as premium. I understand that there are the per app or number of flow packages but those do not promote the wide spread use of the tools as citizen developer tools and developing skills within our organization on building with Flow and PowerApps. I understand that there is a balancing act to what is included and what is not, but why put anything associated with O365 Pro into the premium tier.

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Agreed, if you purchase a business licanse for O365 it should include all of the associated connectors for the powerapps platforms. 


Seems to me like just another way for a global IT giant to grab more dollars.



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I have numerous blogs published on my website that showcase numerous techniques to do this. These blogs specifically speak to enabling this functionality within PowerApps solutions.


For example, an awesome "hack" to convert numerous documents types to a PDF format is to slightly modify the Thumbnail property exposed for any document, by example using the following code in PowerApps:

Substitute( Gallery1.Selected.Thumbnail, "transform/thumbnail", "transform/pdf" )

where Gallery1.Selected. represents a file row returned by a SharePoint Data Source connection to a specific Document Library, which in turn exposed the thumbail property for each file.


Of interest to you may be the following blogs I've posted on both these feature requests:

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I totally agree! Paying plan1 or 2 license just to get the WORD connector (when in fact is a part of the O365 package) is really frustrating. All my apps are Sharepoint based, and i only use the WORD connector which is premium. It seems that MS are trying to squeeze us to pay more just for this feature.


It seems really an overkill getting all the CDS space and feature when all i need is the WORD connector.


I think that Premium connectors should be a part of O365 Business Standard & Premium (Not Basic).


Microsoft please help!!!

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Agree! But, partially. PDF is owned by Adobe, so I can understand that converting is an Premium feature.
Bút, Populate Word Template.... COME ONE MS, that's within your own products! 😞 

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Onedrive also has the convert option to PDF but it is a standard connector.


I am really surprised on classifying the Word connector as premium.