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Wordpress based websites - NOT

Needs to handle Wordpress websites - including new posts, posts, custom posts...

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Did you find a solution for this?



Børge Fjermestad

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Was so excited at the thought of integrating this with my wordpress site, it would save me from having to login to my WP site and instead stay within the MS products.  Sadly when trying to set it up I found it only supports hosted sites.


Would be so useful if it supported all wordpress sites.

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ditto - would be useful only if supporting WP on my own domain.

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Yeah! For me to use Flow, this is a must.
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does this not work even if you list your sites on and can post.etc from there?


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Absolutely needed. I mean, the Wordpress API should be reachable via my very own installation, hosted on my side. From there on, a communication from my Wordpress installation is a MUST.
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+++1 For connector to self-hosted WP instances. The APIs are in place and this shouldn't be huge issue. Given the % of sites now using WordPress, including many larger companies, this represents an unprecedented opportunity to get Flow working across millions of websites. > Provide custom forms to public users or via non-O365 authentication > Sync content between WP and O365 > Trigger processes based on web interactions > Extend PowerApps use cases to website Must haves: Support for posts and CUSTOM POST TYPES and CUSTOM FIELDS (triggers and get/create) Support for users/user sync