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Workaround for using Group form from MS Forms in FLow.

When we create a excel form from Sharepoint, it can be seen as a group form in Microsoft forms.
Unfortunately there is no way to use that group form in FLOW.

When a new response submitted only displays form which are made by a specific user.


I have checked with PG team and there is no ETA.

This feature needs to be release as soon as possible.

I know Form from SP do not support  REST Web service connections.  

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Yes, this is critical for our organization.  We want our HR Forms to trigger activity using Flow but since they were built using the wonderful Form Group feature, they are stranded and essentially uselesws without access to Flow triggers.  This seems like a significant oversight.

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when will this functionality be available? Flows inability to use Group Forms is a deal breaker for my client

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I also need the ability to connect MS flows to group forms...

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We too would like to utilise forms created for use in Teams and Sharepoint sites and apply flows to them for the creation of tasks, notification and other related items. currently not being able to access forms set as group forms is hindering alot of useful automation.

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We also need access to Group Forms in Flow to automate processes. Using Forms made by individuals puts the data in their business one drive by default and not in their Teams folders, and has caused issues with data rentention and avalaiblity acroos our org.

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Any update or progress on this? Also getting in the way of some critical processes I am trying to support. 

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i'm a bit surprised that this is not supported. of course, i am by no means a writer of code. However, this option would be HUGELY beneficial.

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This is a joke that it hasn't been implemented yet. My support call with Microsoft essentially told me that I should "vote" for this feature. I feel like I'm now paying $40k to beta test M$ products

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I'm not counting on MS to fix its half baked products any time soon. Is there any way around this? 


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I really thought I was doing it wrong, but came across this and realize that the system will not do this simple task! Sadly, I only want an excel file and you make it so hard!!!