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Workaround for using Group form from MS Forms in FLow.

When we create a excel form from Sharepoint, it can be seen as a group form in Microsoft forms.
Unfortunately there is no way to use that group form in FLOW.

When a new response submitted only displays form which are made by a specific user.


I have checked with PG team and there is no ETA.

This feature needs to be release as soon as possible.

I know Form from SP do not support  REST Web service connections.  

Status: New

Any update or progress on this? Also getting in the way of some critical processes I am trying to support. 

Level: Power Up

i'm a bit surprised that this is not supported. of course, i am by no means a writer of code. However, this option would be HUGELY beneficial.

Level: Power Up

This is a joke that it hasn't been implemented yet. My support call with Microsoft essentially told me that I should "vote" for this feature. I feel like I'm now paying $40k to beta test M$ products