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Workflow start conditional based on change to item properties

Ability to have workflow start option as "conditional" so that workflow only starts if specific list item properties are changed compared to prior values.

Status: New
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@bmenenberg: Which specific list are you refering to? Do you refer to a SharePoint list?

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Fully support this. If the Flow trigger is 'When an item is created or updated' and the Flow itself updates the item, the flow is triggered a again and again (unless you set a status property on the list item and check that with a condition statement). But even then the flow will trigger twice. A conditional start feature (like for instance Nintex has) would not even trigger the Flow unless a condition was met. 

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This also applies to other triggers e.g SQL DB Update item. Why trigger the flow for all DB record updates when we only want it for a specific property/field update condition. Currently, the flow runs 100s of times but only runs meaningfully once when certain field is updated.

Don't we get charged for # of flow runs?

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I have a Flow triggered when Invoice (D365 CE) is modified, really just want it triggered when the Invoice Status changes.  As currently implemented I can't determine what field on the invoice was modified, which results in extra work inside the Flow and unnecessary/unwanted Flow triggers.

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Must feature to avoid multiple runs of the wf on the same item when the wf update the item.

It should also be possible to get the previous value of the item and to use it in the wf.




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Yes, it's Necessary. Should have condition that it will trigger based on the field change as same we have iit in OON workflow.