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Wunderlist trigger for task completed

This seems like the most obvious trigger, I want to do something when I complete a task in Wunderlist.

I also want to have the completed status available from the Get tasks action.

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I agree that 

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i agree that!!!!

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For Wunderlist to be useful in Flows, it really needs the actions/triggers listed on this board!

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Any update here @ameyers_MSFT ?


I don't actually work on the product team for Flow (I'm just a user of Flow and Wunderlist). That said, I do know that Wunderlist is being phased out and replaced by the new Microsoft To-Do (built by the same team) so I doubt there will be any more investment into Wunderlist integration in Flow (or any other Microsoft product). If you start using Microsoft To-Do, the Outlooks Tasks integration in Flow can be used with it since Microsoft To-Do uses Outlook Tasks storage, and the Outlooks Tasks integration already has a "task completed" trigger.

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Completing a task is essential to the operation of Wunderlist. It follows that performing flow trigger operations upon task completion is also essential. 

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Microsoft, we need this.  You own wunderlist and it's not there yet it works for todoist? 



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I absolutely agree. Additionally a trigger for "Task moved to list". I am using my wunderlist inbox for tossing everything I think about and sort them afterwards into the respective lists "next action home", "next action office"... Unfortunately the task created trigger doesn't fire when I move an item into the monitored list.

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Need the Completed Task trigger

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Cannot believe this still does not exist, it's a massive shame - and such an obvious development gap