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Wunderlist trigger for task completed

This seems like the most obvious trigger, I want to do something when I complete a task in Wunderlist.

I also want to have the completed status available from the Get tasks action.

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Absolutely need to have all actions represented as events that can trigger something else -

- new list created

- Task Completed

- Task Updated

- List Shared




I'm currently using a Zapier trigger on task completed to populate an RSS feed and then monitoring the RSS feed with Flow. It works but it's kind of silly, and the Zapier RSS feed has stability issues (it occasionally returns a 500 error or just times out).


I was just about to request this feature as well. Seems like a must-have feature for Wunderlist Flow integration.

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Need the abilty to Trigger a Flow for the following

  • Task Modified
  • Task Deleted
  • Note Created
  • Note Modified
  • Note Deleted
  • SubTask Created
  • SubTask Modified
  • SubTask Deleted
  • Reminder Modified
  • Reminder Deleted
  • Task is N days past due




bumping for visibility. This is an important feature. There is a webhook available in the Wunderlist API to use for this feature

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Add Trigger on Wunderlist when Task is completed, so that I can connect to Outlook and also tag a flag off an email

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When (task is completed) is the most important trigger. The (outcome) can be selected on demand, for example (create new row in excel). 


In my case what I need is to generate an excel report that will include 3 columns: (task assignee, task creation date, task completion date).  

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I agree that this trigger is the most important feature in a task manager

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Any update on this request??