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You should be able to save a flow even if it has an error

Sometimes in a very complicated flow you don't want to lose your work just because there is an error that you cannot figure out at the moment!

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strongly agree with this.

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Yes, I agree.  It could save with a note that there is an error - similar to what you see if the flow is turned off. 

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Yes, it's very frustrating that it doesn't save when you hit a brick wall. You may need to save where you are and return to it later. 

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I understand that this is part of a "no code" tool, but yes it would be helpful.

FWIW I just save after each change to avoid having a bunch of changes get discarded due to an error buried deep in the Flow.

Having said that many of the errors are reasonably well explained, though some not so much too.


I agree, I think it should be like oneNote, with the ability to save my code blocks in real time